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What Are Quick Move In Homes?

Quick move-in homes are new construction homes that are completed or nearing completion and available for immediate sale. These move-in ready homes are a great option for families looking for a new construction home without the extended timeline or stress of building. Each of our quick move-in homes is located in outstanding neighborhoods and are carefully crafted and designed by our team of architects, builders, and designers.

Benefits Of Quick Move In Homes Stonegate Blog

Benefits of Quick Move-In Homes

We offer quick move-in homes to fit the needs of clients who might not have the time to build their home. If you’re weighing your options, explore the benefits of quick move-in homes and see if it is the right fit for you.

1. It’s Ready When You Are

The biggest benefit of a quick move-in home is the convenience of being ready when you are. Building a new home can take from 5 to 7 months. If you choose to buy a quick move-in home, you are bypassing the time and stress it takes to finalize your home design and selections and wait for construction to be completed. Since a quick move-in home is already designed and completed, you don’t have to worry about design selection meetings and construction schedules. You can move in when you are ready. Because of the convenience of a quick move-in home, they are great options for families who are relocating or looking for a new construction home on a shorter timeline.

2. You Can Walk Through the Home

Some people have the ability to envision exactly what they want in their home, and for others, it’s easier to see it. Quick move-in homes give you the opportunity to physically walk through the home and decide if you like it or not. This allows you to truly experience what life could be like living in the home, and to see if you like all the selections and finishes in the completed home.

3. There are Fewer Decisions to Make

Building your home can be an amazing and fulfilling experience, but for some people it involves too much time and too many decisions. With quick move-in homes, your home has been completely designed by experienced professionals, with all decisions made for you, making it easy and convenient. Our experienced team of professionals choose each selection and finish, knowing what will make the home look great and what today’s buyers are looking for.

4. It’s in a Great Location

Unlike resale homes, most quick move-in homes are located in new developments within desirable communities. Rest assured, all Stonegate quick move-in homes are in some of the best neighborhoods and school districts of the Twin Cities. If you don’t have the option to build but want a new construction home in a great location, quick move-in homes are a great choice for you.

5. It’s Affordable

Many quick move-in homes come with unfinished basements, making them more affordable. Then, in the future, you have the option to finish the basement and customize it to your needs. This is a great way to get the benefits of a new home while staying within a price range that best aligns with your budget. Resale homes might need to be updated, and in the long run, could cost more than buying a new construction quick move in-home.

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