4 Easy Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Sometimes during the holidays, we tend to spend too much time worrying about food and party preparations, and not enough time with our families! To create a more simplified process, we came up with a few easy ideas for Thanksgiving centerpieces, so you don’t have to waste any more of your precious time worrying about how to decorate your table. DRESS IT UP You don’t have to throw out your pumpkins just because halloween is over! Here are two great examples of what you can do to turn a pumpkin into a great centerpiece. Hollow out the pumpkin, just like when your’ve carving pumpkins. Then, put a pot or vase inside the pumpkin, and add flowers! Violia! Easy centerpiece. You can also use straw, ribbon, or burlap to decorate your pumpkins. This gives a simple pumpkin a little bit of flair!
SWEET TREATS We can all admit that some of our favorite Thanksgiving eats happen AFTER the main meal. We’re talking about all the pies, cupcakes, cakes, crumbles, and desserts you can imagine. Why not showcase them during the main meal and create an interesting centerpiece with the pretty sweats. It’s a piece of cake!
ADD SOME LIGHT Adding candles can create an elegant dining experience. One unique way to implement candles is to incorporate a rustic lantern into the mix, like this centerpiece by Serendipity Refined. Add a small candle or tea light in the lantern, and surround it with gorgeous fall colors. Another great way to use a lantern is to mix it between different sized candles and greenery. This adds a rustic element, and creates an interesting masterpiece.
KEEP IT NEUTRAL When we think of Thanksgiving colors, we think of oranges, browns, deep reds, purples, and yellows. Although it’s fun to add every fall color to your Thanksgiving table, you can also keep it simple by using a neutral color palette. This helps create the perfect blank canvas for your colorful meal, and allows you to use many different decorations without making the table seem busy.