3 Exterior Holiday Decorating Tips

With the holiday season upon us, many of us are feeling the pressure to prepare our homes for the perfect celebration with friends and loved ones. While many of us prioritize decorating the inside of our homes with pine trees, stockings, nutcrackers, and presents, taking the time to decorate your home’s exterior can also enhance your property and spread some holiday spirit.


As you prepare for the merry season ahead, here are three of our favorite holiday exterior decorating tips:

1. Less Is More

Instead of bringing out all the festive holiday decorations from past years, try being more selective to save on time and frustration. By paring down your Christmas décor, you can create more focus and attention to specific areas. Instead of putting up multiple light strands, including both multicolored and white, try sticking to pieces that work with a certain color scheme or holiday theme.

Here are some ideas to help inspire your décor:

  • Are you feeling the icy tones of a blue, white, and silver theme this year? Opt for your classic white lights and accentuate them with blue and silver decorations to help create your winter wonderland.
  • Are poinsettias a must-have for your décor? Choose a more traditional theme, showcasing all things red, green, and white!

Remember, paring down your outdoor décor won’t take away from your holiday spirit; instead, it’ll make your holiday exterior decorating feel more intentional and festive.

2. Focus on Your Entryway

Since the holidays are the time for making memories with loved ones, pour a little extra TLC into decorating your front entryway, especially if you plan on hosting some holiday parties and events this year. You’ll give your guests a magical first impression, while making your home feel warm and inviting.


Here are some of our favorite entryway ideas:


  • Swap out your everyday welcome mat for a more festive option. For a warmer take, layer your welcome mat over a plaid throw rug!
  • Frame the front door with pre-lit mini trees to create a focal point.
  • Hang a festive wreath on the front door for simple, understated elegance.
  • Group 3-5 lanterns of various sizes on each side of the door; fill them with fairy lights and ornaments for some festive ambiance.
  • Make your front porch furniture cozier by incorporating textiles, like a draped plaid throw blanket paired with a faux-fur pillow.

3. Accentuate Your Home’s Architectural Character

Take full advantage of your home’s beautiful architecture this season! By considering the style, shape, and angles of the house, you’ll make your holiday exterior decorating more intentional.

Here are some ideas to help you accentuate the structural and architectural elements of your home:

  • For colonial-style homes, consider accentuating the front windows with a single wreath in each window for a classic and stately feel.
  • If your home contains archways, showcase them by tying in natural elements, such as pine garland and pinecones.
  • For front porch columns, create a festive statement with draped ribbon or strands of lights around the columns.
  • With stairs leading to the front door, line the side of steps with poinsettias, presents, or mini trees.

Though many of us focus on decorating inside the house, there’s something so magical and inspiring about holiday exterior decorating. Using these easy tips, outdoor decorating never needs to be overwhelming. During this festive season, take the time to create a holiday retreat you and your loved ones will cherish.


From all of us at Stonegate Builders, we wish you and your family a holiday season full of warmth, love, and laughter.