5 Interior Design Trends for 2020

A new year often represents a fresh start for all of us. In fact, you may be craving a space within your home that will inspire and motivate you! By incorporating a few exciting new trends into your home designs, you’ll learn how to reinvigorate a space and give it new life.
As you begin planning your home designs, consider incorporating interior design trends that inspire you, while still providing functionality and timelessness. Here are five of the newest interior design trends for 2020 that we’re loving at Stonegate Builders:

2020 Design Trends Luxurious Textures

1. Luxurious Textures

While texture always adds more dimension in design, the luxurious textures in 2020 interior design trends add a retro twist with velvety and bouclé fabrics and accents. From velvet sofas to bouclé armchairs, these textural components aim to create a more luxe, lush feel, reminiscent of yesteryear. If dedicating your furniture selections to this trend is too bold for your taste, but you want to play with more luxurious textures within your designs, try hanging velvet curtains inside your living space paired with a matching pillow set or consider draping bouclé throws over your furniture to soften contemporary lines and add an understated elegance.

2020 Design Trends Black White

2. Black and White Color Palettes

This year, new designs are featuring timeless color combinations. You may see this high contrast palette in designs of various spaces around the home, from bathroom and kitchen interior designs to bedroom and living room interior designs. The airiness white brings to a space, partnered with the sleek richness of black hues, creates a truly balanced aesthetic that can lend itself to any design style, including classic, modern, and whimsical. With such a classic, neutral palette, the sky’s the limit with this design trend. Bolder design choices may feature black walls with modern white furniture, while more subtle designs may nod to this interior design trend by adding accents with fabrics, linens, or even printed tiles. While this may be a 2020 interior design trend, we’re certain this classic duo will offer timeless elegance, no matter the space.

2020 Design Trends Biophilic Design

3. Biophilic Designs

More than ever, homeowners are interested in incorporating sustainability into their home designs, and biophilic designs enhance a space by tying in natural, organic elements like recycled wood into interior designs. This trend was inspired by the biophilia hypothesis, an idea that humans innately want to connect to nature and life, and according to Architect Magazine, biophilic-inspired architecture and designs improve an individual’s wellbeing and performance. In 2020, we can expect to see designs grounded in biophilia, where elements, such as natural light, live plants, wood, water features, stonework, and metals inspire the space, bringing the outdoors inside in hopes of reconnecting us to nature.

2020 Design Trends Canopy Beds

4. Canopy Beds

In 2020, canopy beds are certainly a go-to for bedroom interior designs, and frankly, nothing creates a relaxing retreat quite like a luxurious canopy bed. The grand structure of this four-poster bed immediately adds drama and elegance, creating a truly inviting space to rest and relax. Canopy beds of today can easily complement any design aesthetic, from more urban, modern styles to traditional, romantic styles. No matter your style preference, incorporating a canopy bed into your bedroom interior design will certainly create a dreamy oasis to retire to after a long day.

2020 Design Trends Bold Tile

5. Bold Backsplashes

While white kitchens will always remain a timeless, classic option for kitchen interior designs, design trends for 2020 incorporate a pop of color and whimsy amidst otherwise fairly neutral palettes with bold backsplashes. Using the backsplash as an accent color creates fun visual interest in a space where we all tend to spend so much of our time, preparing food, socializing, etc. To add even more of your unique style and personality, try bringing in patterned tile in a contrasting color or rich hue.

Let Stonegate Builders Help You Create a Home That Inspires You

If you’re excited to incorporate some of these interior design trends within your new home build, contact your Stonegate Builders team today! Whether you have a fully hatched vision or you’re looking for inspiration, discuss your ideas and goals with your creative team who’ll work with you to create a design aesthetic that seamlessly incorporates the trends that excite you without jeopardizing functionality.