3 Outdoor Living Lighting Ideas

So far, we’ve had some gorgeous weather this summer in Minnesota, which usually means there’s much more to come! And if you’re already planning to update your outdoor area with new furniture, cooking equipment, or custom cabinetry, an equally essential item you’ll want to include is outdoor lighting!


Thoughtful lighting can instantly illuminate and enhance your outdoor area, transforming it into a sophisticated living space you can enjoy as much in the evenings as you do during the daytime!


Need tips on how to choose the best lighting options for your deck and outdoor living area? Stonegate Buildershas some great ideas for installing lighting fixtures to match your decor, style, and budget!

Best Outdoor Area Lighting Options 


Outdoor Entertainment Lighting Ideas: If you’re planning to spend weeknight dinners outside on your backyard patio or deck area, there are a few must-have lighting options you’ll want to consider:

  • If you have any staircases, steps, or designated pathways that lead from your home to the backyard, remember to keep these areas illuminated for family and guests to travel safely back and forth. There are many sophisticated lighting fixtures that can help you achieve safety without sacrificing style. Solar lights, for instance, are a popular option for lighting stairways and can easily install into wooden decks or on the side of your home’s exterior.
  • Incorporating lights inside or around your outdoor plants or hanging baskets is another simple, yet effective way to provide extra lighting and unique personality to your outdoor space.
  • Have an outdoor pool? You may decide to incorporate pool lights inside and around the pool area to improve safety and give it a wonderfully bright glow.

String Lights

Outdoor Hanging Lights Ideas: Hanging lights are always a popular choice for enhancing an outdoor area. These lighting fixtures range from hanging chandeliers to outdoor living string lights.

  • Installing a series of string lights that cross directly (and evenly) over your main seating area can create the illusion of an “open” roof that still allows you to gaze at the stars.
  • Hanging lanterns around the four corners of your main seating area is another smart way to create subtle, yet effective lighting. And because there are so many different styles of lanterns available (metal, rustic chic, paper, etc.) you can choose one based on your personal preference to match the rest of your outdoor decor.
  • Hanging chandeliers over your outdoor patio area creates a warm, inviting entertainment space that will draw in friends and family to spend more time together after dusk.

Outdoor Table Lighting Ideas
: Like the kitchen, your outdoor dining table usually represents the hub of the home during the warmer seasons. As mentioned earlier, hanging chandeliers offer a unique, stylish way to illuminate this area. Other options include:

  • Incorporating illuminated centerpieces on your table to help guests enjoy a calming atmosphere as they share wine and food or play a game of cards.
  • Hanging string lights above the four corners of the table is another effective way to bring more lighting to the center of the patio or deck, without making it difficult for guests to enjoy the stars and calm woodland area surrounding them.
  • Similar to a centerpiece, LED candle lights can help bring more lighting to a particular room and can often be set to timers or light gradually as the sun begins to go down.

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