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4 Laundry Room Organization Ideas

Laundry rooms see it all, don’t they? From removing wine spills on your dining room linen to ironing outwrinkles from your favorite dress shirts, your laundry room is an essential area. Poor organization, however, can certainly make performing such routine tasks more time consuming.


If your laundry room is becoming an eyesore, consider incorporating these four laundry room ideas from the design experts at Stonegate Builders. Our tips help simplify your laundering routine and improve its organization:

1. Install Concenient Hanging Space 

Hanging Clothes

Between providing drying space for wet garments to hanging freshly-dried clothes, laundry rooms require ample hanging space.

Here are 4 DIY ways to install more hanging space within your laundry room:

  • Use a tension rod between walls for an affordable hanging solution. For more stability, drill in sockets on both ends to secure the tension rod from falling.
  • Install a bracket shelf with a clothing rod for additional storage and customizable hanging options. Depending on your space, hang one closer to the ceiling and one mid-way down the wall for double the hanging space.
  • Attach a hanging rod below your upper cabinets to store extra hangers and hang smaller garments.
  • Mount a foldable drying rack to your wall for convenient drying space when you need it and out-of-the-way storage when you don’t.

2. Maximize Your Storage Potential 

With so many laundry room essentials like detergents, fabric softeners, and stain removers, your laundry room needs an organizational system that keeps these items handy without becoming obstacles. Whether you’re looking to cover an entire empty wall or utilize the vertical space above your appliances, these laundry room shelving ideas help you regain control of your space and maximize your storage potential:

  •  Build laundry room shelving by using an easy-to-install bracket system for an affordable way to organize your essentials.
  • Utilize dead space behind your laundry room door with a door-hanging organizer or slim-profile shelves and/or cupboards attached to the wall.
  • Install cabinetry for sophisticated organization and ample storage for cleaning supplies and laundry products. Unable to incorporate lower cabinetry due to a lack of space? Consider installing a pair of cabinets above your washer and dryer for convenient access that’s out of sight.
  • Use a slim-rolling utility cart between your washer and dryer for items you access most frequently, like your detergents and fabric softeners.
  • Create instant open storage by repurposing a bookshelf or cube organizer. 

No matter what type of laundry room shelving you incorporate, you can use labeled baskets, glass jars, and containers to stay organized and create a tidy space free from distracting clutter.. To simplify your everyday routine, be sure to store items you access most regularly on a nearby convenient level.


3. Create Functional Work Spaces 

Ironing Board

Between pretreating clothes, folding, and ironing, you spend a lot of time in your laundry room. Therefore, using laundry room organization ideas that simplify your routine means more time earned back to enjoy your favorite activities.

Here are some ways to designate laundry room work spaces:

  • Create a folding station using the empty space above your washer and dryer units by framing out your appliances and adding a countertop—also a convenient space for pretreating stains before laundering!
  • Establish a sorting area with built-in shelving units on unused wall space. Create shelves that are large enough to hold multiple laundry baskets. Prefer standing sorting baskets? Instead of building individual shelves, create a freestanding counter with empty space below, perfect for storing your sorting baskets for easy access with the added bonus of counter work space.
  •  Install a foldable ironing wall unit to keep all your ironing essentials (e.g. iron, ironing board, etc.) at an arm’s reach, yet completely out of your way when you don’t need them.

4. Transform Your Utility Sink 


Your laundry room utility sink doesn’t have to take away from your design aesthetic. There are so many laundry room sink ideas that better incorporate them while also improving the functionality of the space, including the following options:

  •  Update the sink you already have by changing out the faucet mount for a more modern style and building a frame to cover the front and sides of the basin. Whether you include a hinged door or make the framed unit removable, it’s important to consider leaving access to the pipework and drain.
  • Consider installing a drop-in sink in your laundry room lower cabinets to make your utility sink feel more intentional and less like an afterthought.

Replace your old sink with a new vanity unit and deep sink basin, which will also create more storage space for items you need to keep handy, like scrub brushes, potent cleaners, etc. For a more minimalist look, try using an open shelving unit with clean lines as your sink vanity.

Let Stonegate Builders Help You Customize Your Home 

Are your favorite design ideas thwarted by a restrictive layout? If so, it may be time to consider a custom new home construction that’s built and designed to meet your family’s needs and preferences. As a trusted leader in Twin Cities new home construction, we know just how important it is to tailor floor plan designs to complement our customers’ unique needs and lifestyles. At Stonegate Builders, we’re dedicated to helping customers build homes that balance design with functionality, ensuring every aspect is exactly as they want it.


If you’re tired of a home that no longer serves your family in the way you need it to, contact your Stonegate Builders team today. During your consultation, we’ll discuss your design goals and must haves, including your laundry room ideas and more. We’d be honored to provide you with a stress-free home-building experience, helping you design your dream home to best suit your family’s needs!