Many people enjoy the freedom of working from home. The perks of throwing in a load of laundry before your next Zoom meeting, for example, means less household chores to complete after 5 p.m. and more time to spend with the family.


A common drawback of working from home, however, is dealing with interruptions that pull your attention away from daily responsibilities. One cause for your mind to wander away from work could be the setup of your home office.


The truth is if your home office is not set up to maximize comfort, productivity, and professionalism, you may as well be sitting in the middle of your living room with the TV on full blast.

Creating a Home Office that Inspires Creativity 

Working from home? Learn how to set up a home office with these pro tips from Stonegate Builders:

Look for Unlikely “Office” Opportunities

If you currently don’t have an extra room to set up a home office, you might be working at the kitchen table. But have you considered your other options? Converting a storage pantry or hallway closet into a home office is a popular trend among homeowners who need to add space using less square footage.


It may sound unbelievable at first, but once you remove the contents inside of these spaces, you might just discover four walls of privacy that you never knew existed.


Pro Tips: We recommend doing a walk through of your home to rediscover these office opportunities. Is there a closet that will provide enough space to store a narrow, low profile desk and chair? Can you install a few shelves on the wall of the closet to store your materials and maximize space?


Once you find a space that you can convert, consider updating the look of this area with pictures on the wall, office supplies on your new shelves, and new paint. Yellow is a color often used to inspire creativity and energy while other colors like blue and green create a calming effect.


Divide and Conquer

Another popular trend we’re seeing in home offices is the installation of DIY room dividers. Some options include stylish wall curtains or bookcases with see-through cubbies that you can easily position around your workstations to help block off your desk from the rest of your living area. There are also room dividers available for purchase that can help you create more privacy.


Go Minimal

When you’re shopping for office furniture, be sure to choose smaller, minimalist pieces that take up less space. Having a bulky desk and chair in the corner of a living room is neither aesthetically pleasing nor necessary.


Instead, try to create a workspace that’s clean and modern. This will help you feel organized and ready to handle each task that comes your way


Build Up, Not Out

We’ve hinted on this design idea before, but if you’re looking to maximize space in your new home office, installing shelving units above your desk to store your office equipment, supplies, and materials is a great option.


This will keep your work area clean and organized, and most importantly, everything you need to be successful at your job will be within arm’s reach!


Grow Some Green Plants

Green plants are proven to help improve oxygen and reduce toxins in the air we breathe. In fact, scientific research suggests that indoor plants increase productivity and mental wellness by 47% (Bloomscape).


Other great benefits of indoor plants include:

  • Low maintenance, which means if you don’t have a green thumb, you won’t have to fuss over your plants to keep them in good condition.

Less sunlight, which means you don’t need to only position your workspace in front of a window in your living room, especially if you’re trying to keep your work lifestyle and home lifestyle separate.

 Need Help Creating a Home Office?

We hope these tips help you create a private office space that improves focus and creatively throughout the work day. For more ideas on designing a home office.


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