Choosing Artwork for your Home

When you enter a living space and are surrounded by four walls, what do you see? A blank canvas for you to unveil your personal style or a daunting task you’d rather put off till later?


Adding professional or personal artwork to your home can immediately enhance a space and breathe new life into each room. It may surprise you, but choosing wall art is a lot easier than you think.


You just need to consider the following elements:


  1. Mood
  2. Color
  3. Size
  4. Connection


In this article, we’ll discuss these elements in further detail to help you learn how to choose artwork that will match your personal style and taste.

How to Choose Wall Art for Your Home


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Before buying artwork for your home, consider the space you want to decorate and the type of mood you wish to invoke. You may want to create a calm, relaxing setting in your bedroom and a fun, energetic atmosphere in your entertainment space. If you have a home office, maybe you’re looking to spark some creativity during the 9-5 workday or add some elegance to your dining room area.


Whatever mood you decide you want, use this as a starting point to help you choose the right art pieces.



We all know color is a powerful tool. It has the ability to re-energize us (yellow), calm us (blue/green), or spark creativity (purple). Where most homeowners get stuck is when they choose a certain color for a specific room and then go about trying to find art pieces that fit within that same color. Though this strategy will narrow your search, it may also cause you to miss out on some incredible works of arts that connect with you on a personal level (more on that later).


By using opposing colors that still complement one another in your interior design, you can instantly create a unique contrast that adds a subtle (or dynamic) dimension to your space, depending on your preference.


The next consideration you need to make is the size of the space, which in turn, will impact the size of the artwork you select. A common consensus among interior designers is that bigger is always best when it comes to choosing wall art.


Why? When you have two or more canvas of various sizes, your wall can start to look a bit chaotic and busy. Of course, if this is the mood you’re hoping to achieve, then it’s the right choice. But if we go back to the example of creating a calm bedroom atmosphere to unwind in the evening having a large art piece of a serene landscape on your wall vs. having multiple pictures of landscapes in various sizes will help you achieve this mood better.


If you do love the look and feel of smaller framed artwork, you might be able to achieve the mood you want if these pieces work together to create one display (The Spruce).


When choosing artwork for your home, it’s not unusual to feel an instant connection with a particular painting. Remember, people experience art differently, which is why it’s so timeless. The best rule of thumb is to go with your instincts when buying artwork for your home vs. letting popular trends dictate your decisions. If you simply purchase a work of art because someone else tells you it’s beautiful and will look good over your fireplace, it’s fair to assume that, in a year or two, you’ll regret buying it.


Part of the fun of choosing artwork is selecting individual pieces that connect with you on a personal level. Our advice: stay away from trends and go with what inspires you!

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