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3 Home Kitchen Design Trends from 2021

Close your eyes and imagine standing inside your dream kitchen. What do you notice first? Brand-name appliances, quartz countertops, natural sunlight, or maybe a spacious kitchen pantry that’s organized with all your favorite cooking tools and fresh ingredients?


We all have our own concept of what makes the perfect kitchen, but one thing we can all agree on is the need for more space and functionality.  As many of us have stayed at home cooking vs. dining out this past year, you may have found yourself daydreaming about a new kitchen more than usual.


In fact, now that 2021 is coming to a close, you may be looking to the New Year with exciting new ambitions, such as building a new home with an updated gourmet kitchen. If a new kitchen layout is on your wish list, here are a few of the latest kitchen designs you’ll want to consider:


     A Breath of Fresh AirWindows

We mentioned natural lighting, and the kitchen is the perfect area of the home to help you connect with nature. Afterall, many of the ingredients you use to create each dish include fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables. A new kitchen design trend we’re seeing a lot of is wider widows that stretch across the wall and sit just above your kitchen countertops.


This design invites plenty of natural sunlight into your home, especially if you envision your kitchen on the northeast side of the home. Imagine starting each day with a fresh cup of coffee in hand and the morning sun just on the horizon. Natural light can help boost your body’s Vitamin D and also help improve your mood. Now that’s a great way to begin the workday.


     The L is BackKitchen

According to NKBA design trends of 2021, L-shaped kitchens with large islands will be/were the staple of American homes this year. Though islands are nothing new, design experts believe, post-pandemic, they will re-emerge in popularity as the kitchen has become the ultimate gathering destination for families all over the country.


Many islands now offer the option of having a second sink and prep area for you to prepare meals, too. That paired with the option to include additional cabinetry along the sides of the island will provide ample storage room without taking up any noticeable space.

     More DurabilityWood

A few trends we’re took note of in 2021 were the gradual transition from traditional countertops like marble to stain-resistant quartz and even hardwoods, including oak. And what do these materials all have in common? They provide home chefs a more durable solution to their kitchen countertops.


As more homeowners have had to occupy their time at home, many have rediscovered their love for baking and cooking classic recipes. It’s clear design experts believe homeowners will continue to flex their culinary muscles in 2021 and beyond

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