Creating a Home Gym

With the New Year now in full swing, one resolution on your list may be to improve your health and wellness. This is often a popular goal for many, but it’s also one that tends to fizzle out by the end of February. With colder temperatures outside and a reduced number of local gyms open our resolutions are even harder to achieve!


So, how can you still lose weight and stay fit in 2021? Why not build a home gym? For some, home gyms and personal chefs sound like celebrity lifestyles, but the truth is more homeowners are gravitating toward the idea of building a home gym for their entire family to enjoy. And you should, too!


But how do you get started with this type of home renovation? In this article, we’ll share tips on how to set up a gym at home that utilizes available space, creates positive energy, and helps you stay fit all year long.

 Stonegate’s Guide to Setting Up a Home Gym


     Design Your Workout RoutineWorkout

This is the first step in building a home gym, as it will help you decide the type of space and equipment you’ll need to invest in later. For instance, if you’re planning to practice resistance training, you may need less space and equipment than if you’re planning to do cardio or weight lifting. So, before you start moving furniture or ordering equipment online, consider the type of workout routine that will best accommodate your fitness goals, budget, and home’s square footage.


     Find the Right Fitness SpaceBike

When creating a home gym, there are a few obvious places to consider first: the basement, the garage, the lower-level entertainment room, or the attic.


If these rooms are currently being utilized for storage, it might be worth your time and investment to declutter one to transform it into a personal home gym instead.


Next, let’s talk about some “not-so-obvious” at-home gym spaces. You might decide to move your home office to a different area of the home (link to home office blog), use a guest bedroom, or transform a loft or open space into a family gym. Get creative with your space. Perhaps it’s a matter of switching a few rooms around, but if you look for opportunities vs. limitations, you’ll find the perfect space to set up a home gym.

     Choose Your EquipmentWorkout Equipment

Once you decide on the space and the type of workouts you want to perform at home, consider the equipment you’ll need. In our earlier example of resistance training, you might decide you only need kettlebells, a yoga mat, some resistance bands, and maybe a TV monitor to follow along with a virtual instructor.


However, if you’re planning to practice weight lifting, cycling, running, or elliptical training, this will require the purchasing of heavy-duty machines. Make sure to do your research, read reviews, and select equipment that will help you achieve your fitness goals. Just remember that building a home gym doesn’t mean you have to purchase the latest equipment or make it look like a professional gymnasium. As we said before, decide what type of exercises you want to do first and go from there.

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