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Building a Sustainable Future with Housing First Minnesota’s Green Path Homes

In the spirit of Earth Month, it’s vital to shine a spotlight on the advancements in sustainable home construction. Housing First Minnesota’s Green Path program is a beacon in the industry, guiding builders, and homeowners toward greener options. Stonegate Builders is a longtime member of both Housing First Minnesota and Designated Green Path Builder. Stonegate was honored earlier this year as the January 2024 Builder of the Month by the Residential Energy Services Network. As an industry leader in energy-efficient residential home construction, Stonegate has committed to testing at minimum 75% of our newly built homes for the Green Path program.

Stonegate Builders is all about the environment with the Green Path program. Stonegate’s energy-efficient homes are measured by the HERS index. The Home Energy Rating System or HERS is rated on a scale of 1 to 150, and the lower on the scale you score, the better. Each new home gets inspected by an independent third party to measure its efficiency; from that test, it’s given a Home Performance Report (HPR), revealing the HERS index number. At Stonegate, we test between 80-125 homes per year and take pride in both the appearance and functionality of all our residences. By blending trending house design with top-notch green tech, Green Path homes are redefining modern living standards.

At Stonegate Builders, the commitment to sustainability doesn’t end with the construction process. From initial planning to final touches, every step is curated to minimize environmental impact while maximizing the home’s performance through anything the Midwest may throw at it. Our proactive approach to green building materials and practices ensures that each residence serves as proof of our long-standing commitment to eco-friendly living. The culmination of these efforts is evident in the comfort, durability, and lower utility costs that homeowners of Green Path homes delight in.

Our company’s dedication to Green Path homes is a reflection of Stonegate Builder’s core values. We recognize that a home is not just a structure; it’s a living, breathing extension of its environment. By prioritizing energy efficiency and sustainable materials, we are laying the foundation for a greener future — one home at a time.

By: Elizabeth Christenson

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