3 Welcoming Guest Bedroom Ideas

Hosting this year’s holiday gathering? As you prepare for a house full of out-of-town guests, your goal is likely to make them feel comfortable and cozy throughout their stay.
No matter what time of year you’re welcoming guests into your home, try to incorporate guest room ideas that hit the three essential pillars of guest comfort: rest, relax, and ready. By providing a comfortable place to rest, a peaceful, private area to relax, and everything they need to get ready, you’ll be sure to create the perfect guest room that becomes a home away from home for your guests.

How to Make a Guest Bedroom Welcoming

1. Rest—Provide cozy touches for guests to rest soundly.

There’s nothing more comforting than getting a good night’s rest, and for your guests, providing them with a comfortable place to sleep is a must. Consider adding these embellishments to create a truly peaceful atmosphere for your guests to rest and recharge:

  • A comfortable mattress is key to a proper night’s sleep. If you don’t have a separate guest bed available, invest in a quality air mattress, and dress it just like you would a standard bed. Your guests will appreciate the extra touch.


  • Going for high-quality bedding, including luxury sheets with a higher thread count, fluffy comforter or duvet cover, and plenty of pillows of different sizes and firmness, will give your guests options and prioritize their comfort.


  • Window coverings allow your guests to control incoming light and to maximize their privacy. Some people prefer sleeping in the complete dark, while others like waking organically to morning light. Having the option to choose is a thoughtful touch your guests will always appreciate.


  • Furnish the sides of the bed with some sort of nightstand with bedside lamps, so your guests have somewhere to put a glass of water, their phones, and other nighttime essentials. Bedside lights are another great touch, as your guests won’t have to stumble around in the dark when climbing into bed.


  • Adding extra blankets and throws in plain sight (i.e. draped over the end of the bed, on a blanket ladder, or on the arm of a chair) allows your guests to layer up if needed. During the holidays, try using festive throws to spread holiday cheer, like buffalo plaids or velvety textures.

2. Relax—Create a thoughtful retreat for guests to relax.

After a long day of festive activities, your guests will appreciate having time to relax in the comfort of their own room. Here are some thoughtful ways to create a retreat where your guests can relax or entertain themselves:

  • Consider adding a cozy reading chair, in case guests like to unwind before getting into bed. You can pair it with a side table and decorative lamp for a truly welcoming spot for guests to recharge.


  • Providing means of entertainment for your guests helps them relax in between holiday festivities and before bed. Some sources of entertainment your guests will love are their own TV, readily available activities like puzzle books or cards, a radio or music player of some variety, and some reading materials, such as novels, books, magazines, or newspapers. If kids are in tow, consider throwing in some toys and children’s holiday books to give the little ones options, as well.


  • Just like in a hotel, it’s helpful to display your WiFi network login details within your guest bedroom, so your visitors have it handy whenever they should need it. We all know how everyone likes to remain connected, especially during the holidays. Sometimes, guests feel like they’re burdening you if they need to ask for access to it. HGTV suggests printing out your login details and framing it for your guests as an easy way to incorporate it within any guest room. This will make checking in and video chatting with loved ones over the holidays much more convenient for your visitors.


  • Adding some light snacks and refreshment options is a touch your guests will be so grateful you’ve considered. Create a little snack station for your guests right within their room with bottles of water, some festive mugs, coffee and tea, fruit, chips, and/or granola bars. The Spruce recommends adding a small coffee pot, so your guests have everything they need without needing to sneak to the kitchen. For a cheerful holiday touch, provide some hot cocoa fixings, like cocoa mix, marshmallows, and candy canes!

3. Ready—Incorporate conveniences for guests when getting ready for the day ahead.

One of the toughest parts of traveling is often getting ready in a different environment, as you don’t always have everything handy like you would at home. By providing some common conveniences, your guests will surely be able to make themselves feel right at home while getting ready:

  • Lay out ample clean, fluffy towels for your guests. Whether you store them in a decorative basket or have them folded on a side table, be sure to have extra hand towels, bath towels, and wash cloths available for your guests.


  • While your guest bedroom isn’t always occupied with guests, it’s important for it to never feel like overflow storage with a closet filled with clothes or items you don’t frequently use. If possible, remove the excess, or, at the very least, provide enough space and hangers for your guests to hang any clothes they may need over their holiday stay.


  • Create an area for guests to freshen up, if they should need it. By setting up a vanity with ample lighting, a mirror, and a stock of common toiletries, you give your guests room to get ready for the day ahead, while also providing some back up options in case their toiletries run out or they forgot to pack some. Some good toiletries to keep on hand are extra toothbrushes, toothpastes, shampoos, lotions, body washes, and over-the-counter medicines, like acetaminophen, gas relief, etc.

Happy Holidays from Stonegate Builders!

No matter what space you’re working with for a guest room, take the time to make the space feel intentional, so your guests feel right at home. Feel free to add some extra holiday cheer by incorporating simple holiday decorations as festive accents in the guest room. With ideas for your guest bedroom addressing the three pillars of guest comfort, your guests will be rested, relaxed and ready to enjoy the holiday season, focusing on making festive memories with you and your family.
From the entire Stonegate Builders team, we hope you and your guests have a magical holiday season!